Choosing the right colour for your wedding day might be one of the most stressful and time consuming moments through your wedding planning journey. A wise man once said: “Listen to others, but always go with your heart!” This is our advise to all the lovely brides out there – reading, or about to read our blog. It is your day and it must be your way. Remember, if done with great care, professionalism and vision, any colour can be used to turn a simple event into the unforgettable fairytale.

Never the less to ease the pressure off you and your friends you can always give us a call on: 02088 825 888 and ask for a free consolation.

In this blog SJK EVENTS team will share one of the most beautiful weddings that had been created in pale blue and rich purple shades, giving a romantic glow and a touch of fairytale look to this lovely SJK couples’ big day.

Tamuna and George Congratulations One More Time. Thank You For Giving Us a Chance To Be Part Of Your Lovely Story.

Until next event…





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